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Here's some facts for everybody on Team NS PowerTrain.  We have many new folks coming on-board all the time so it seems like a good idea to have a reference point where the basics can all be found in one spot.

The first thing lots of members want to know when they sign up is; just what comes along with being on the PowerTrain roster?  

Well...along with everything provided by ADA and the Tour itself; fundraising incentives, a personal webpage and other fun stuff, Team NS has a list of additional goodies:

  • Everyone on the team receives an official NS jersey at no cost once they meet the ADA minimum fundraising amount required to ride ($200).  There's a new design every year so they're collector's items!
  • There are team discounts at our favorite Local Bike Shop; Kingsbury's Cyclery in Elmira, NY.  Owner Paul Kingsbury is a great supporter of Team NS and has been since the beginning.  He offers some sweet deals on bikes, tune-ups, parts and service to anyone on the 'Train.  Check out the shop for everything bicycle!
  • Periodically, we sponsor free clinics on bike maintenance at Kingsbury's.  New clinics are coming out as well on fundraising (including navigating the ADA site) and training.  More info will show up in the news sites.
  • The PowerTrain has it's own team tents at the Tour event site where we can meet, hang out, tell lies and recover from the ride.
  • We also traditionally have a free picnic at another location after the ride just for team members and friends.
  • The team maintains this blog, an email news list, a public Facebook page and a closed group Facebook page where members can share information, upcoming events and photos.  Other platforms are coming such as Twitter and more.
  • We sponsor events like barbecues, golf tournaments, train rides and others throughout the year to help team members with fundraising.  Most of them make contributions to individuals who help promote or run the events.  It's an easy way to get donations and all of them are always a ball!
  • Through the year, there are training rides, recreational rides, road trips and assorted other reasons to get on a bike with the team.  Members are all invited to put up a ride they want to do on the news pages and take along everybody.  Ice cream rides are always the best!
  • There are always places where anyone can volunteer to help keep the 'Train rolling.  Everything takes people to make it happen and Team NS is traditionally a group that takes on the challenge.  We encourage our team members to volunteer for the Tour and the team in ways besides riding.  There's always something to do!
  • In addition, Team NS has an informal team planning committee that meets fairly regularly to hash out upcoming events, plot strategy and kick around ideas.  Everyone is welcome, even if they don't ride a bike!  Bring enthusiasm and ideas and we'll run with them!

Some history and background:

  • The PowerTrain is supported by Norfolk Southern Corporation, a Class 1 railroad that operates over 20,000 route miles in 22 eastern seaboard states.
  • As part of their WellNS health and fitness program, NS encourages anyone in our communities; employees, families, friends and bicyclists of all ages and abilities to participate in Tour de Cure events as members of Team PowerTrain.  Everyone is welcome!
  • The Finger Lakes NS team formed as the NS Thoroughbreds in 2010 when the American Diabetes Association ran the first Watkins Glen Tour de Cure.  We had 10 riders that year and raised about $3,400.  It's been full-steam ahead since then!

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