Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Personal Story from a Team NS Mom

Ten years ago today ours lives changed forever. 

The nagging feeling that something just wasn't right with our Megan. The mystery of the number 11 and the distinct feeling that Aunt Ruth who had passed away was trying to get a message to me. The wondering why Megan would be chatty and happy and full of herself one minute then sound asleep the next, why she cried out in panic that she couldn't see the T.V., the headache that kept her company for a couple days and finally the thirst that she couldn't seem to quench. As we contemplated checking her blood sugar with Ted's glucometer, a decision you don't make lightly when you are considering poking a 4 year olds baby soft finger tip with a needle the thickness of a tack to get a drop of blood. 

I bolted up in bed and declared "the date totals number 11 Ted, we have to check her'. The meter came back with the message "HI" which means the level is above 650, (normal is 80-120)and I phoned the pediatrician on call, we had instructions to head to the ER room right away, I watched as my husband sobbed knowing what Megan was going to have to live with, a panic started to rise within me and before I could succumb to the sobs an overwhelming sense of peace came over me. I just KNEW we were going to be okay. 

The next days weeks and months are a blur but day by day; we are getting through it. The beginning was incredibly tough as we had to hold Megan down for shots; pull her out of her hiding places to inject her with the insulin that she needs to stay alive. As the days went on Megan came to accept this was part of her life now and it wasn't going away. It hasn't ever been easy but she is living her life and enjoying sports, some incredibly great friends, sleep overs, and siblings who have held her when she was sick with high or low symptoms. 

As we wrap up a Decade with Diabetes I am grateful to my family and friends for all of their support over the years and most importantly to Heather Henbest and Ted Henbest who have sacrificed so much to support their sister through 10 years of this battle. 

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